The “Funding Links” below are a “Living Document – Reference Guide” that has been
compiled and provided to us by a number of “Mommy Bloggers” in both Canada and
the United States. Please use these links in an effort to find the best sort of funding
that suits your personal situation and requirements.We welcome your email or phone
call to Koolway Sports if you have other avenues for us to add to this “Reference Guide”.
USA funding links research are provided by Jenni, Joyful Journey Mom
Joyful Journey Mom



Variety of United States provides equipment and services for mobility,
independence, and social inclusion

Friends of Man

Friend’s of Man assists with medical and mobility
equipment and prothesis

Ability Online

Ability Online, Contributing to life changing experiences in children and youth with disabilities
by helping families acquire necessary equipment/aids.


United States +

Wish Organizations+